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On November 17th and 18th, Lauren, Jeremy, Father and I visited San Angelo, the place where father grew up.  It was an attempt to get Father's perspective and insight into a place where his experiences shaped him and thus all of us.

We experienced all the fun of a 5 hour road trip and stay in a off-brand motel....


First stop on Sunday morning was 415 South Jefferson, where Father grew up.  His father died there in 1931 and his mother lived there till 1941  ....

A quick trip past 3 North Bishop street where "Granny" lived between 1941 and 1967.  I remember climbing the "huge" mesquite tree now grown so small ....

We went out to Belvedere Cemetery to find Grandfather's grave.  We did find it ... finally. 

Finally we drove out to Eola, Texas where Grandfather had the "Half-Circle H" ranch.  It measured somewhere around 6-7 miles by 7-8 miles.  We found the corner posts exactly where father said they'd be.


We learned a lot, felt a lot, even laughed a lot.  It was family time at its best ...





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