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The end of the year 2004 - time for our, now, annual trip to Rochester and Cincinnati.  Capitalizing on cheap fares to Indianapolis, we flew there, rented a van, drove to Cincinnati, then drove to Rochester.  In Rochester we spent a day with Paula then drove back to Cincinnati the next via a quick peek at Niagara Falls which Eric and Andrea had never seen.  In Cincinnati, we spent a few days with Cora, virtually trapped inside by a massive storm - though Victoria loved climbing the "snow mountains" created by the plows trying to clear Cora's parking lot.  Braving the next storm (minor - thankfully) we drove back to Indianapolis to return to Texas on December 26th. 

Often, in Texas, we think about how "nice" it would be to have a white Christmas.  Well, during this trip we got our fill!

Andy is visited at work by Jeremy, visiting Texas for the holidays

Visiting Rochester
Niagara Falls Peek


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