Days  1 - 2
Days  3 - 5
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Days 1 - 2:  

The beginning of a long awaited journey and adventure.  We walked and literally drank in the scenery and sights.  It was incredible.  We learned to navigate the underground like pros and found that as long as we ate in Indian Restaurants and Pubs we were safe from the dreaded Bad-British-Food-Curse

We were excited.  We were in an airport and an airplane and it  wasn't  a business trip.  Here we are at the ticket counter, Admiral's club and on the plane.

We checked into the Hotel (the view from our window is below) and took a short nap (on the good advice from our "Travel God" friends, the Ramzys) and went for a walk. Two blocks away we found Buckingham Palace and the statue to Queen Victoria out in front.  Lauren was enthralled.

The next morning we walked through Hyde Park to visit the Albert Memorial.  This was Queen Victoria's memorial to her husband - but it wasn't the one she planned - her design to was too expensive.  Lauren thought it a bit gaudy, but I felt it was a fitting memorial to the royal husband.  We returned through the park stopping by the Cavalry Memorial, the Waterloo Memorial and Arch till we got to the WWI Machinegun Corps. Memorial.  Lauren was beginning to have fun with my frequent statue stops.  It was time for the Changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace.  The crowd was enormous and Lauren had to perch her camera high above her head and snap pictures through intuition.  In the middle of all that, the Life Guards came back after being changed out for the Royals and Blues at Horseguards.  Deciding that we were, indeed, tourists and that we must do touristy things, we walked over to Hourseguards for the required photo-op (the first of many!).





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