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Christmas began on Saturday night with the whole Texas family (Jeremy, Victoria, Lauren and Andy) enjoying one of Lauren's great dinners and then exchanging presents.

Next stop was at Lauren's father's house in Harrison, Ohio on Christmas Eve... where we joined Eric, Andie, Lauren's sister Nancy, her friend Peter and Nancy's children Matt and Mark

Christmas was at Lauren's mother Cora's house ... where Lauren, Andy, Cora, Eric, Andie, Nancy, her friend Peter, Nancy's sons Matt and Mark were joined by Lauren's brother Jeff, his daughter Melissa and son Owen ...

Presents were exchanged .... and dinner consumed ...

The highlight, of course, was Andie's car - an early 16th birthday present ...

On the 26th, Lauren and Andy visited her brother Rusty's grave ...

And ... it seems to be a Cincinnati visit tradition ... a trip to the bowling alley  with cousin Owen...

Next stop, Pittsford for a visit with Andy's sister Paula and his Father - and, of course, the Queen of the house - Schnauzer Sasha ...


Driving home - Rochester to Bedford ... a long, but normally uneventful drive.  However, there was a blizzard going on around Buffalo (72 inches of snow in three days!) which made the drive very interesting to say the least.  Luckily we were able to pause long enough to catch Cora, Eric and Andie at Gold Star Chili for dinner ...





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