2003: Nuclear Logistics, Inc.

Starting in 2003, I became the Materials Manager for Nuclear Logistics, Inc. a local safety equipment manufacturer serving the Nuclear Power Plant industry, world-wide.  There, besides manage and direct the logistical functions of the firm, I am helping re-design their internal processes and developing their infrastructure.  Its a small but fast expanding firm.

my office at the firm

Tuesday and Thursday night still find me at TCC teaching American History

History 1301 during Summer I, 2003
History 1301 during Spring, 2003

2002:  Half-Circle H

With the crumbling, dismembering and finally the demise of Scient, I started my own consulting company while looking for the right business opportunity. I have built and revamped commercial and corporate Websites, published two novels, and accepted a Adjunct Teaching position in History at Tarrant County College.

History 1301 during Fall 2002

9:00 Class

10:00 Class

Office door

Dr. Peter Hackerm my mentor

My classroom

The administrative support who makes it all work

2000 till 2002: then Scient:

Until January 1st, 2002 I was a Client Partner working with Retail, CPG, Hospitality and Healthcare clients to fulfill their Internet needs.  I provided leadership in B2C, B2E, Customer Experience Management (CXM), and Employee Experience Management (EXM).  I was the co-founder and Client Partner owner of our Young Employee Portal offering.

With the November, 2001 merger with Scient - another full play web consulting firm, I moved into their Dallas office, home of the Engineer Acceleration Center or "EAC."  


  then Scient was a consulting firm to "Fortune 1000" clients.  We helped them design, expand, and improve their internet business offerings.  From strategy to coding, our location and worldwide firm provided clients with imaginative and successful applications that provide cost-effective business results.  

In July of 2000, I helped found the "Tejas" office of The pictures below are of the original Dallas crew.

Left to right ... Mike Watson, Dave Ramzy, Julie Rodriguez, Angela Waller, me, Gena Davis and Roy Philpott.


In this position, my staff and I explored, formulated and implemented internet based programs to expand and enhance CompUSA's service offerings.  It was a new position in a new organization within CompUSA.  We were, however, unique among the "Dot.Com" community in that we were profitable and not simply producing a virtual store, but enhancing our retail presence ~ "Click and Brick" to the fullest extent.  More challenging still was that we were both B2B and B2C.  My main focus areas were; Technical Services (in-bound and out-bound), Technology Training (Classroom and Distance) and our call center support organization, Dial-a-tech.  My organization was responsible for direction, strategy and programs both unique to the service side of CompUSA and marrying it to the general eStrategy.  In the short time I was there, several programs were implemented that resulted in increased revenue and wider profit margins.

1997 - 2000:


In 1997 I joined The Huntington Group.  We were a small consulting group for the Healthcare industry specializing in the use and integration of information for hospitals and large physician groups.  Our mission was to provide a more effective use of information to achieve both business and medical operational goals.  In this firm, I worked  with clients such as the Mayo Clinic in Rochester MN (Gawd it gets cold there in January!), the University of California at San Francisco / Stanford Medical Center, the University of Cincinnati and Columbia-HCA in Nashville, TN. I was a team member, engagement manager and sold several engagements throughout my tenure with THG. 

I was privileged to work with and for my friend, colleague and sometimes mentor Dave Ramzy till he left in 1999.  His engagements were always well designed, led and executed.  More importantly, we seemed to be extremely complimentary.... i.e., where his skills and knowledge were strong, mine needed honing and where I was strong, he acknowledged my leadership.   This give and take took  place almost without communication or conscious effort.   Secondly, I was partnered almost everyday for two years with Lauren Schneider.  She came from an operations management background within a large physician services organization.  Working with me at the Mayo and then at Columbia-HCA healthcare she became an excellent management consultant.  Many times she would see some of the more salient points I had passed over and help me present ideas and recommendations in more effective ways.  She became the Business Intelligence Tool  expert of our group becoming not only a patient billing reference but also the leading practitioner of Cognos / Analyzer. 

IDX, the parent company had a full family of leading edge software products and services for healthcare organizations.  Gradually, over the years, the parent brought THG closer and finally incorporated us totally within its structure.  My group became eSG or the e Solutions Group which was a group of client based people clustered around the improved use of information, Data Warehousing and IDX's Analyzer reporting tool.

1995 to 1997:

From 1996 till October 1997 I was a Business Development Manager for Lotus Services which included Education and Consulting.  I had the territory between the Appalachian Mountains and the Rockies, from the Rio Grand to Hudson's Bay.  I was focused on consultative education offerings to Lotus' Global 3000 customers. Essentially, I helped qualify problems, design cost-effective solutions, sell, contract and supervise delivery of these solutions.  

Two such cases were my work with Eli Lilly and Proctor and Gamble.  In both cases I helped them design both education the delivery process and administrative system facilitating their worldwide change in messaging technology.  

Though my work with Lotus, I became an advocate of distance learning.  I see it as a business answer to today's training problems and from a socio / political viewpoint a way for all sections of the population to share in our information age.   




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