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Andy's Cycling

Walburg 2010

I got my first bike, post paper-route, when I turned 30 - a lifetime ago. Now, I ride for the for the freedom ... the passion of achievement and competition ... the wonder of the Texas prairie around Palo Pinto as seen through sweat ... the sense of one-ness with the road, the open spaces, nature and distance.  It is the part of life consisting of exertion, striving, working, struggling ... of sweat so thick that the white flakes stiffen my jersey and shorts ... of riding so hard that the color drains from my eyesight and the beautiful Texas countryside becomes shades of gray ... of seeing the Peloton drift off and me being powerless to stay with them ... or by staying along-side them, inches apart, at 27 mph while others fall off the back ...for making it up Roanoke Hill with the boys and through the hills of Trophy Club - with the BOYS! Yes! and sailing home, wind at our backs, along White Chapel Road accelerating past suburban sprawl and the normalcy of Soccer Heaven in Colleyville every Tuesday and Thursday of summer.    ... I ride because I can stay with the big-boys in Rallies, the pay-rides, and finish with few in front and many behind .... I ride because it is an honor to be atop my beloved and beautiful white Cinelli Supercorsa (the most beautiful bike ever made) with its pearl paint and Buick level chrome ... or to be pushing, surging as fast as I can - only  to have my Colnago C-40 after that the incredibly gorgeous C50 or now the American made, Titanium, Moots or the stiffest bike known, the BH laugh at my effort and demand more of me - and I find it.   I ride because my Campagnolo Carbon Super-Record 11 combines world-class engineering with elegance, grace and beauty beyond any other possession ... I ride to see Elvis dance on Mike Reade's hubs as he flies past me up (or down) the big hill (Cherry Pie Hill) on Route 4 outside Palo Pinto ... I ride to see the Texas dawn through the mist in the draws along our route around Eagle Mountain Lake and the Prairie come alive.  To make the 62 miles in Mesquite, through hills and corners, in 2:42 ... for the smiles, stories and lies at the end of the race/ride among comrades! I ride because the woman I love, loves me on a bike, whether leading or part of the peloton or struggling off the back, she knows I will finish - only to go again - always to ride again. It is not just being 60 and being able to see one's shoes, it is not just the exercise to counteract the sedentary business life - it is life's adventure, its raging spirit, its exertion with rewards unknown.  On the bicycle, maybe throughout my life, I keep writing checks it takes all of me - my body, mind and sprit - to cash.



HHH 03

Wed. Night Crit 8/03

Wed. Night Crit 8/03

Wed. Night Crit 8/03

Wed. Night Crit 8/03

support at the track

Wed. Night Crit 5/03

Wed. Night Crit 5/03

taking pictures

Wed. Night Crit 5/03

Fayetteville 03

Fayetteville 03

Fayetteville 03

Fayetteville 03

Lago Vista 03

Loga Vista 02

Fayetteville 02

HHH 01

Badlands 02

Wed. Night Crit 5/02

Cowtown Crit 02

Granbury 02

Gold at Sr Games 02

Logo Vista 02

Sr Games 02

with Cinelli 1995

before the race

Lauren's Cycling


Over the past two years Lauren has become Team Bicycles, Inc.'s semi-official photographer. She is expected at many races and has sold her pictures throughout Texas. 


In 2002, however, she started to ride. Usually she rides a tandem with me, however, she has ventured out on several solo rides.  She has done 50 miles for the first time at HHH, 2002 and since.












Interlochen 03


HHH 03

Cowtown 03

HHH 03

HHH 03

Tandem riding 8/03

Cowtown 03

Wed night Crit 6/03

with the other "girls" at the Wed Night Crit.

Cycle Mom 5/03

support crew

photo girl 03

morning of HHH 02

Taking pictures 01

Bull-ride 01

State Time Trial 02

with Ronnie Bryant first time on a tandem

actually moving

in cycling togs

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I was also a Trustee of the United States of America Cycling (USAC) road bicycling organization - The USCF or United States Cycling Federation



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