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It's a three dog house-hold


 We lost our beloved Baggins in January of 2010 to cancer.  He was born on December 31, 2000, he is our millennium puppy.  He is a dog of great character and of "unique" intelligence and personality.  Here are several pictures of his transition from the cute, cuddly puppy we brought home to the huge, 120lb Devil Dog he is today.


Tug of war is his favorite pastime and he will "taunt" you with his toys by dropping them in your lap, again and again, till you finally relent and play. As a young dog, he had to hop up to see what goodies were on the table he might get as a treat.  Now, even though he doesn't have to jump anymore, he does, sometimes clearing the floor by several feet.   Most of all, never, ever, ever, mention that you want to take a "walk."  He will not be put off and you'll be herded towards the leash whether or not you meant now.  Walks are ALWAYS followed by a dip in his pool, summer or winter so, if he gets friendly after his walk - you'll get damp as only a dog his size carrying lots of water can do ... RIP

On March 29th, We got Tucker or "Tuck."  The fact that our backyard neighbors had a litter of coal black Lab puppies was too much for Lauren to resist.  Tuck was there to greet me when I came home from my ride.

Two Dogs!  While we hope they will grow to keep each other company, Baggins was not too sure of just what to make of his new "brother." Tuck seemed to be full of life, energy and interest.  Now, of course, as "Senior Dog" most of his time is spent on one of this two pillow beds.

The ex-"Grand-dog" ...  we adopted Andrea's "Sadie" in 2008














When Eric moved here in June, he brought a new dog to the household - Marly


Andrea's 2009 - "Penny"

Who was joined in April 2009 by her "brother" Max








Dogs at play on Easter 03


Dogs at play on Easter 03

size comparison 3/03


First Day 3/03

First Day  3/03

all the kids

a good hiding spot

Normal position 2/03

swimming in Park stream 11/02

exploring Cleyburne State Park 11/02


with Andrea 3/02

In the middle of everything

 Being a Lab today

 He's not one to let you alone

Underwear Bandit

He can't do this anymore

More Great Thoughts

Always interested

 Still small

Thinking Great Thoughts

First day home

 Two Dog




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