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The cake was a work of art in itself, produced by teammate Kyle Miller from the Four Seasons Hotel in Dallas, it was ... beyond description both in its artistic presentation and its taste.

The party itself was a creation of Lauren and Andrea. They masterminded all aspects of the execution. It was a wonderful way to celebrate one's birthday.

The Cake

Kyle and Aron look on as cake is cut

Opening presents and reading cards

Art & Mary Pacione

The Covingtons, Chris Dow and Andrea play Black Jack in garage

John & Gina Woodson play "craps"

Front room with Bryants, Aron Seiken and Don Merritt


Early living room with Nathan Larimer, Amy Kirsch and Bill Parmalee

Kitty Ramzy & Victoria do slots
Jeremy roamed about the party taking "available light" pictures using 1.8 f-stop and 800 speed film

Jeremy's portrait of me

Art & Mary Pacione

First in

Dave Ramzy & Andy

Andrea Schneider

The Cake

Coming in the door

Gina Woodson & Ron Murtha

Lauren & Me

Party scene

Mike Reade

More Mike Reade

Andy & Jerry Vargas play 21

Nathan, Ann & Mike Talifero

Through the back window
the Wilkinsons

Cara Owens & daughter Ann


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