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Adventures are what provide us the memories of our life together..

Perhaps the best reason to go on adventures is the time we get to spend together.






Some of the adventures are big like the trip to the United Kingdom and Belgium. Some of them are small - Lauren's kids visiting or  simple trip to the races, but they're still fun and exciting.

This section should chronicle the most interesting.





Sorties The smaller adventures, outings and family affairs. Just special times. (last update 2/6/11) The last several are Christmas 2010, Victoria's Halloween Party 2010, Six flags 2010, and Christmas 2009.
 Alumni College and Andrew Jackson's home the in 2010 (quite an extensive slide show)
Summer in Florida 2009
Christmas 2008: A quick trip to see family in Cincinnati
 Summer 2008:  Alumni College and a short stay in Greeneville, TN.
 Thanksgiving 2007: A drive to Atlanta to see Nancy and a quick stop in Vicksburg
Summer 2007: Cincinnati for Eric's graduation and Virginia for Alumni College
Summer 2006.  A trip to Shiloh and then Lexington for Alumni College 2006 as well as a week in Florida for the entire family doing beach and Discovery Cove
December 2005 which, as usual, was packed with tree trimming, travel to both Cincinnati and Rochester, New York.
Summer 2005 - a collection of Hollinger family activities and trips
The traditional trip north for the Christmas holidays - Rochester, Niagara Falls and Cincinnati - complete with SNOW
Eric's and Victoria's visit during July of 2004
Alumni College 2004.  A drive through the Blue Ridge Mountains and a week on campus studying the Historical Jesus.
Holidays 2003.  First Thanksgiving with Eric's visit, then another, now annual, mad dash north with Victoria to visit Cincinnati and Rochester.
Alumni College in Lexington, Va. for 2003. Understanding the Middle East. Relaxation, learning conversation, and great food.
2900 miles in 8.5 days! Bedford to Rochester to Niagara Falls to Rochester to Cincinnati back to Bedford.  Holidays with family - this year Victoria came with us (!) and holidays with snow.  Christmas together even if we're traveling.
My 51st or "Over 50" birthday party. While it was a surprise, I figured something was up when Lauren asked me to both take Victoria to a movie and pick up Dave Ramzy to bring him over to dinner. The house was filled with all the bike team, several business associates and gambling machines to provide the amusement.  A great time was had by all it seemed. Jeremy spent the night with his camera doing available light pictures.

Alumni College is something we love. It's college done right. This year we went to two sessions. The first was a session on the 1960s termed "Hearts and Minds" and was a study of politics, literature, music and art of the Woodstock decade.  The second session was a "how to" class on photography and digital manipulation of photographs. It was an incredible time in Lexington.

On Mother's day, 2002 we took a break from Texas bicycle racing, chores, typical routines to visit the Japanese Garden which is part of the Fort Worth Botanical Gardens. It was an adventure in that for the time of our visit, we were not really in Texas at all, but walking through an ornate oriental paradise.

From December 22nd through December 30th 2001 we did Christmas.  There was Christmas in Bedford with Jeremy and Victoria, then Christmas in Cincinnati with Cora, Eric, Andie (and the whole Brewer Family), then there was Christmas in Pittsford with Paula and Father.  We drove the entire 2250 miles .... quite an adventure.

On November 17th and 18th, 2001 Lauren, my Father, Jeremy and I went to San Angelo, Texas.  Dad grew up there, his father is buried there and his mother lived there from 1924 or 1926 (depending on which version of the family story you believe) till 1967 when she moved to Rochester to live with us.  We wanted Father's perspective and insight into our family's past.  We visited his homes, Grandfather's grave and the old "Half-Circle H" ranch site south and east of town ....
For two weeks in September of  2001 Lauren and I rewarded ourselves for the years of "Business Travel" with some "Interest Travel."  We flew to London - first class - stayed in a great hotel in Westminster - 2 blocks from Buckingham Palace, traveled by train to Edinburgh, Bath, Portsmouth, Oxford - Blenheim and took a side trip to Belgium and France.  It was not leisurely vacation but an incredibly fun adventure in learning, seeing and experiencing.  We had fun being tourists.
door.gif (19653 bytes) July 1 through July 7th, 2001 Lauren and I attended Washington and Lee's Alumni College.  This year the subject was the History and Culture of the American experience in the post World War Two years, especially the 1950s. It was great! I enjoyed the History while Lauren re-awakened her long forgotten talent of singing by performing some songs from West Side Story!



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